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Google Page Experience Update


Voice Search


Wow What a year it’s been in regards to SEO (search engine optimization) and we’re quite there yet. From arranging results of searches on the basis of the pandemic in order to avoid misinformation, to the Google Featured Snippets update There’s been a lot of modifications to keep marketers on guard.

Of course, this isn’t new. The only constant in SEO is that it is always evolving and we can expect to see more of the same as we await SEO’s changes in 2021.

Let’s look at what’s coming up for the coming calendar year so that you can prepare for it in the remaining months.

Google Page Experience Update

One of the most important announcements of SEO-related changes to originate from Google this year is it’s the page experience update is basically a confirmation that the user experience will be an important SEO signal in 2022.

Page Experience Update Page Experience Update is based on what Google calls “Core Web” Vitals which are used to evaluate the speed and usability of a website page. Core Web Vitals analyze factors like the speed of loading and the responsiveness of the site interactivity, as well as any indication of whether the layout changes as the page is loaded.

In short the update reaffirms Google’s determination to display only the best quality links in its results. The better the experience for users of the website will be, the more likely it is deemed to be worthy of the algorithm that determines search results.

What can you do to prepare for this change in SEO in 2022: Increase speed of loading pages, decrease bounce rates and avoid unintentional layout changes for any web pages that have these problems. To determine whether any of these issues influence your websites it is possible to conduct an web audit.

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Apart from the performance indicators which are analyzed within the Page Experience Update, Google is also looking to gauge the quality of your brand’s reputation as we move towards the beginning of the year. Although the search engine introduced this program as E-A-T (expertise trustworthiness, authority credibility, expertise) back in the year 2018 algorithm upgrade, the significance of these indicators will continue to increase throughout the year.

What does E-A -T have to relate to your brand and what is the significance to SEO? It’s because Google will look at the credibility, expertise and credibility of your brand and will rank your websites in search results according to that.

Google analyzes your site, in addition to what other people are saying about or suggesting about your company, in order to gauge the strength of your brand. If you take a moment to think about it, most of the type of information we’re looking at when we do Off-page SEO that is, that the activity occurs on different websites.

How You Can Prepare for SEO Changes in 2022

Find out more about your target viewers, and then write excellent content that your audience would like to consume. Create bios of the author for each of the creators of content on your site, detailing their knowledge and provide links to authoritative websites for a absolute evidence. Utilizing, high-quality content can result in other people or influencers sharing it, and this can boost the strength of your brand. Additionally, be aware of the reviews that are posted about your business on the internetand deal with any negative reviews immediately.

Voice Search

It’s been some time since voice search has been on the radar of SEO, in part due to the advancements in technology. Since since then, Google has been architecting its search results pages to allow short answers, mostly through Answer Boxes and Featured Snippets. They do this by using AI along with using the BERT algorithm that was launched in the latter part of 2019.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic the use of voice searches within the home has increased dramatically since people spend more time in. More and more, people are relying on smart home devices to give instant answers to their queries and Google is striving to be at the ready with the data.


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How can you make sure your SEO is ready for the year 2021: Review your existing content to see if you can offer short answers to the questions your readers are asking. Conduct keyword study to find out. Also, think about voice search while you are creating new content. This could provide new opportunities to address questions such as how-to when, when and why you can do, etc. Use marketing professionals or digital tools to find out how your content shows in search results for quick answers such as featured snippets.


Brand strength, user experience as well as voice searches are key aspects as we contemplate the future of SEO in 2021. In the end, your success in the search will be judged by the extent to which your content will benefit your users. Put your money into that content and the ease with which your audience is able to access it to get the most benefit from it over the next year.

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