How to Find Free Wifi Hotspots Near You

What is the best way to locate free Wi-Fi H Hotspots in Your Area

Get Free Wifi Hotspots Nearby: This article lists places for Wi-Fi hotspots that are free, such as apps, websites and retailers, service providers and even your neighborhood library.

This list of Wi-Fi hotspots is free. hotspots close to you. You can connect your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to connect to these hotspots, and enjoy complimentary wireless internet. This list contains Wi-Fi-free areas at stores, restaurants as well as places that have public Wi Fi services, as well as Wi-Fi offered through the ISP. These hotspots are found in nearly every city. Access to the internet for free after you are aware of where to find them.

AT&T provides free Wi-Fi access in many locations

Numerous places have chosen AT&T to offer Free Wi-Fi. These include McDonald’s and Barnes and Noble, FedEx and Starbucks and numerous other hotels.

Although there’s no hotspot map that is available on AT&T’s site They recommend downloading an app to aid you in finding the free WiFi available.

Most AT&T hotspots come with an identical SSID to attwifi..

McDonald’s provides free Wi-Fi

more than 11,000 McDonald’s restaurants provide Wi-Fi access free of charge via AT&T. You can also find free McDonald’s Wi-Fi connections if aren’t looking to move to another place.

It is possible to find McDonald’s free Wi Location by using the search function for a location. Some Wi-Fi could be turned off by the proprietor, meaning it may not be possible to connect to it.

Internet access is available for free through McDonald’s when you connect to their network Wayport_Access as well as attwifi_mcd. Then, open a browser and click on the Connectbutton.

Boingo helps make it simple to find Wi-Fi close to you

Boingo Another search engine that lets you locate Wi-Fi hotspots is also accessible. The database has information on over one million WiFi hotspots.

To see the map of the area you need to enter a city street address. After the results of your search are displayed, you can sort the results by type of place, including hotels, airports, restaurants, hotels cafes, shops, and airports.

You can save your search results into one file, which contains the name of the location, the address, and Wi-Fi ID to allow offline browsing.

Hit any hotspot to see its SSID name as well as to find directions from any other location.

Boingo can also be used to find Wi-Fi available in your area, and also to find directions for the area with their Android application.

Free Wi-Fi available from McDonald’s

Starbucks provides free Wi-Fi

Starbucks provides Wi-Fi for free via a different company , such as McDonald’s. But, Starbucks makes use of Google rather than AT&T. It operates across both the U.S. as well as in Canada. All Starbucks stores operated by the company provide Free Wi-Fi.

This Starbucks map will show all Wi-Fi networks available close to you when you indicate the current address. You can filter your results by service and find ones that support mobile payments or access for 24 hours.

Google Starbucks is the wireless network Starbucks makes use of to provide WiFi to their customers. Select the network that you would like to connect to after which select Accept and connect.

OpenWiFiSpots Enjoy free Wi-Fi wherever you go using OpenWiFiSpots

OpenWiFiSpots customers have added thousands Wi-Fi hotspots. There are a variety of methods to find for these hotspots.

OpenWiFiSpots is accessible for download on the website. It displays Wi-Fi spots in the cities and lists the locations on an interactive map.


You can also look up specific types of locations like railway stations or airports. The website also shows public parks, pharmacies and shopping malls.


OpenWiFiSpots offers free Wi-Fi access in every country including Brazil, Canada, Australia as well as Brazil, Canada, Australia Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and Brazil.

Get Free Wi-Fi on Boingo

Boingo is no longer an unpaid service. But, you could be qualified for the free service in the event that American Express is used. For more details, call at the AMEX customer service department.

The Wi-Fi FreeSpot Directory provides free Wi-Fi connectivity across America, Asia, Canada and the Middle East.

It is possible to search for locations by state, country or regions. You may also search using specific locations. This will allow you to locate airports, businesses, RV parks, in addition to holiday homes that offer free Wi-Fi.

The information provided on this site isn’t as thorough as those that are listed above, so make sure to look through these sites. Instead of providing specific addresses or networks The website links directly to your park the company or hotel are listed. You can contact them directly or go to their site for Wi Information on Wi-Fi.

Your local library has free Wi-Fi

Libraries often offer access to computers for free. Some libraries also have Wi-Fi, so bring your phone or laptop to access internet access for free.

There are a variety of libraries open to the public, which provide free Wi-Fi, such as:

  • New York Public Library
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Dallas Public Library
  • LA County Library
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Wichita Public Library
  • San Jose Public Library

To find out if your library has free Wi-Fi, or how to connect It is recommended that you visit their site.


Some networks may be available however, others require passwords or library card numbers.


Library HotSpot is an application which allows you to access the Internet in the library where New York Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library is available. They offer the service free of charge to people who do not have access to internet at home. They give their users a wireless modem at no cost that they can use for a limited period of time.

How do you find WiFi hotspots for free in your area by using your ISP

While it’s non-free, it might get free Wi-Fi in the event that you are a paid customer who chooses an internet service providers (ISPs).

Cable WiFi is an Internet service that integrates Cox Communications with Optimum and Spectrum to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers. If you are connected to the internet at home through Cox or Optimum, then you may benefit from the subscription when you’re traveling.

For more information on map of locations, visit the official website of your provider. They may also offer Wi-Fi for free. You could try searching for CableWiFi, however, you can also search using the name of the company xfinitywifi and CoxWiFi. Log in with your username and password that you created for your ISP.



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