How To Index Your Website Links In Google

You will get better search engine placement and better organic traffic. However, you need to know how to index your website links in Google.

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Directory Submission

When you are working on the Google SEO campaign for your website or blog, there are certain steps which you need to follow to get your site indexed in Google. First, there is directory submission. There are many free services available on the internet for directory submission.

There is also one method that is more effective. This method is to build as many inbound links to your site. To achieve this, you should find relevant directories on the internet and post relevant and helpful articles to them. Article submissions are also a great way to get the necessary backlinks.

Quality Content

It will also help if you use a unique and informative content. By adding new articles on a regular basis, you will not only be able to keep your site fresh and interesting, but you will also be able to build a good reputation.

Submit to Search Engines

After you have made your site popular, it is advisable to submit it to all the search engines. If you are using Word Press, you can install a ‘All In One SEO Plugin’ which includes all the necessary features needed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. This plugin will automatically place your site in the appropriate category.

This will help your site move up the rankings in search engines. You should do some keyword research in order to determine which of these directories will give you a higher ranking.

As you can see, learning how to index your website links in Google is quite simple and easy. However, you need to be sure that you take proper care of the site. Do not submit any of your sites to free directories. These may contain viruses or malware, which can harm your computer system. Instead, use a paid site for this purpose.

A good way to start off with is to purchase a domain name that contains the keywords that you wish to rank highly for. Then register a hosting company that offers an affordable monthly fee for large websites. Registering the right hosting service can really make a difference when it comes to learning how to index your website links in Google. You should always make sure that your site is always available and there are no delays in its loading.

Customize Your Website

The next step is to select a theme for the website. If you already have one, then you do not have to look for a theme as most popular themes have pre-installed code to make them compatible with search engines. However, if you are starting a new site, then a good idea would be to purchase a theme that matches the topic of your site.

It is very important for your site to be listed on search engines. However, this is easier said than done. To get better results, you will need to get on the search engine optimization bandwagon as this is where all the action is. There are many online tools that can help you analyze search engine performance and monitor your progress.


The last but not least important step is to set up links with other websites. How to index your website links in Google depends on who you are doing business with. If you are selling products or offering services online, you will want to find ways of getting your links listed on other websites.

This way you will get more exposure at a much faster pace. On the flip side, if you are an online article writer and want to have your links on as many sites as possible, you will have to do the tedious work of finding article publishers that will accept your articles. Remember that learning how to index your website links in Google takes time, but doing so will greatly improve your SEO.

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