New Jobs in Dubai 2022

New Jobs in Dubai 2022

Dubai is the place where you can get a job. You have to go and search a job according to your skill you will get it. There are many jobs and they required a lot of people for their companies but they do not have people. People from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh gone there and get their jobs. There are different jobs and you can apply for those jobs. They need skills and degrees and you must fulfill the requirement of the jobs. We will share about jobs and you have to apply through those methods which we will share with you. There are different jobs and you have to apply on those jobs if you have the required degree.


They need a person who understands accounts. Who manage office book and cash at closing of the day? He must prepare monthly reports. The report must be analyzed on monthly basis so the result is accurate. Every financial task should be performed by him to ensure that amount is correct. Statement of the bank should be checked. This is the description of the job. You will have to perform these all work to get this job.


You must have good knowledge about the accounts. You must know about some software that can help you to fill your requirement. You must operate Zero and MS Office to get this job and prepare reports of the money through the above software. You must be graduated in Accounts. You must have at least three to five years of experience. The location of the job is Dubai. It is a private sector. It is full time job. If you have same degree and looking for job then it is a good time and there is only one job.

Head Chef:

The company needs a person who is experienced and responsible. Who look after the kitchen and guide other how to cook and manage all the kitchen work. He must train the people how to make foods and keep the atmosphere clean. When need he must do all things by himself? He must assist the entire kitchen to ensure the quality of the food. This is not a very hard job but is very responsible as to look for everything in the kitchen.

He must look for the menu and make it with seniors. He must look after the cost and quality.



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