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The techniques below have been test by my team and at the time this article was published, the web tricks are functioning perfectly.

Zong 1GB of Free Data

The cheat is easy to use and enjoy. It is available to everyone Zong users, even if you’ve not yet installed the Zong application on your smartphone before , or if you purchased the sim card for free. You can access free internet through downloading the Zong application from the Play Store. To avail this deal follow the steps below to download and connect to the no-cost Internet.

How to Enjoy Zong Free Browsing Tricks of 1GB Data

To get these Zong Free data please follow these steps:

  • Open the Playstore app, and then open it.
  • You can now look up “My Zong application” by using Google’s search function.
  • Find the first app that pops up, and then install it.
  • Register with your brand number with a new Zong telephone number ( make sure to use a phone number that you have never previously used.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive 1GB of data. The data will be valid for three days, ensure that you utilize it by the end of the day.

I’m sure it’s simple. Enjoy no cost Internet and keep in mind. Send this message to your family and friends.

Zong Free Internet Coupon For New Sims – Get 2GB of free space

  • You can get 2GB of free days at no cost whenever when you purchase a new Zong SIM card.
  • To take advantage of your 2GB free data Call *10# and join and receive a bonus from this deal.
  • The information provided is correct. Zong is among the companies that allow its users to access free Internet. Have you ever wondered what you can do to get Zong free MB? We have a solution to help you.
    * For 3 days.
  • This offer is for gratuit and no fee is necessary.

Get this deal when you the purchase of a the latest Zong Sim cards. The offer is totally no cost and there is no cost to use it. Keep going with it.

Zong Free Data Offer For Facebook 3G/4G

Today , social media is a complete platform that offers everything. Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms and this is a must for everyone who loves social media. Did you know that you can get unlimited access on Facebook by using the Zong Sim card. That’s great and excellent news for everyone Zong Internet users. If you’re not making use of Zong. I suggest you get one now. Here’s how you can set up your Zong SIM to be free on Facebook.

  • The mode is Zong Unlimited Data Mode, where you can enjoy unlimited accessibility to Facebook. You won’t see photos, but just text.
  • This offer is completely absolutely free.
  • The validity is all hours of the day.
  • There is no USSD codes or subscriptions are needed.
  • You can choose to switch between free and paying more to see videos and images.
  • To use the free mode on Facebook to enjoy free mode, you must have a connection to data without data, and it will be connected automatically.

Zong Internet Free Trick Free Whatsapp Cheat

WhatsApp is now one of the fastest methods in the field of communication. It’s easier to communicate with loved one’s and use it to run business purposes. Due to its importance and vitality, Zong have decided to offer users with free Internet access.

  • This offer lets you use WhatsApp for free. It allows you to make video calls, share pictures as well as send text and voice messages for free. It is possible to download, share and upload files for absolutely free.
  • This offer isn’t completely free, but is offered at $20 for all users.
  • It’s valid for a month and at the expiration of 30 days from the date of subscription, it will be cancelled (the deleted data)
  • To take advantage of this offer, dial *247# to get your personal data. Use WhatsApp for free with Zong.

Zong Unlimited Internet Trick 2022 for Free Unlimited Internet Trick 2022

Zong have launched a an exciting new service for customers to use free unlimited internet. Every free Internet trick comes with a process to activate it. To use the Zong the free Internet trick you must follow the steps below to enable it.

  • Download and install the UC browser onto your mobile.
  • Launch the app and go into the setting.
  • Click on Access point , and choose to create new profiles.
  • Add the following information to your profile.
  • Create proxy as
  • Set port as 80

Now you can access the free Internet by using the UC browser application. As long as the settings are correctly implemented, and you have a Zong SIM (no information ) you can use the Internet.

Note: This trick is only effective for http-based websites. This means that it will not be effective for https sites. Check out all the websites/ webpages with https.

Zong Free Youtube Code 2022 Zong Unlimited Data Trick

It is a Zong Unlimited Internet cheat is accessible to everyone who enjoys movies. If you love watching films on YouTube, we have that will help you save data and stream the film you like at no cost.

Here’s how to enable Zong YouTube free cheating on data

  • Install and download Yoga VPN from Google Play Store
  • Utilize the default settings of the VPN and then connect.
  • Install any screen recorder available from the Playstore.
  • Start the screen recorder that is installed.
  • Youtube is the best place to search, and you can find your preferred movie.
  • The movie will be watched and the entire movie will be recorded and saved to an automatic folder.

Zong Free Data Coupon – Get Free 130 GB

Zong offers unlimited data and data credits to of her users. You can take advantage of Zong free browsing with the steps below. This cheat trick is specifically designed to work and provide you with free connection to Internet.

  • Then download and install UC browser. UC mini isn’t compatible with this trick.
  • Open your UC browser and then wait until it opens.
  • Tap the top bar and enter the following URL “”
  • You’ll be taken to the Kproxy Website, where you can browse the site for no cost.

Zong Free Internet 2022 Zong Cheat for Free Data

This Zong cheat for data free is available to all users. It’s easy to be enjoyed. To take advantage of the cheating data for free take a look at our hassle-free to take advantage. This cheat offers unlimited data when you have activated it.

  • Install the UC handler into your phone and then open it and enjoy.
  • Select the settings below:
  • Real proxy is set to be HTTP
  • Select the type of kindle you prefer.
  • Make sure you are using a real proxy server :
  • Port: 8080

Zong Free MMB Code 2022 – No Cost Zong Data

  • Then download and install the UC handler.
  • Go to settings, then open access point and create a new one.
  • Set APN as zonginternet
  • Choose the proxy to be
  • Set the port to 80
  • Save settings and then browse. This trick works only for sites using http. This means that you will visit website on http.

Zong’s Free Data Data Coupons

Are you interested in surfing the Internet at no cost? Do you know that you can get no cost Internet. Download and stream at no cost. There isn’t any magic involved and all you have be able to follow is the instructions listed below and enable.


Zong Free Browsing Coupons


  • Call *537*2# for FREE 1500MB on your Zong SIM card.
  • Call *568#*11# or *44# or *102# to get four free days of 4GB.
  • Call *56*8*23# to enjoy free 500MB of data.
  • Call *7863*86# to enjoy the free 1GB days.
  • Dial *117*111*2# for two GB of free Zong data.
  • Call *563*85*23# to enjoy Zong 1GB data for a week.



My team has tried the cheats mentioned above and have certified that it is functioning as it should be at the time of being the cheats were published. We took our time to highlight the working Zong cheats that are free Internet code and techniques. These cheats are free and don’t require an additional cost to use them.


Use this feedback box below to express your thoughts, or contact us when you encounter any issues. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. Use the social media buttons below to send a message.


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