Sim Tracker 2022 Check Sim Information In Pakistan

If you are looking for ways to check a person’s SIM information in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority has made it possible for every user to have up to 5 SIMs on their name. To block the old SIM and get the new one, users must block the previous SIM first. Now, thanks to the SIM Information System, the Telecommunication Authority has made it possible for users of Zong, Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, and many others to check their SIM information.

DB Center

With the help of a SIM database, you can find out who owns a sim card. You can also find out the location of the mobile phone. All this information can help you find out who’s been calling you or sending you messages. If you have lost your phone, or if you’ve had an accident, you can check the SIM information on that phone right now! The service is completely free to use and requires only your CNIC number and the number of the person who has been calling you.

If you’re wondering how to track a mobile phone number in Pakistan, the solution is to use a PTA online portal. By entering the mobile phone number and CNIC, you can access the full name and address of the owner. You can even check whether or not a particular mobile phone number has been inactive for some time. The database also lists the number of active SIMs. You can use this information to find a missing person’s mobile phone or trace a cell phone number.


SIM information in Pakistan is now available online. It is possible to trace the location of the person using any mobile number. Before the Internet, SIM registration was unknown to people who bought their mobile numbers from the beginning of the millennium up until 2010. Then again, you would not even be aware of the ownership of a SIM when you used it. But now, you can do this with the help of Sim Tracker 2022.

The app works by downloading the details from the PTCL phone registry, and using this information, you can track any mobile number. In addition to this, you can also trace the owner’s name and address. This way, you can find out about the location of someone’s call-in counsel or address. However, you must be careful, since this data might be inaccurate. Therefore, we recommend that you use a reputable app.

Live Tracker

If you’re wondering if you can trace the owner of a cell phone number in Pakistan, you need to know that it’s now possible with the help of Live SIM Tracker. This online mobile number tracker can trace any mobile phone number in Pakistan. It has the best features to trace any mobile number including its current location and its owner’s name. It also has the ability to check the location of the mobile number on Google Maps.

You can use this service for free and without paying any money. All you have to do is input your own CNIC number or the number of the other person. With the drop in the price of mobile phones in Pakistan and easy availability, more people are now using cell phones. Dual SIM smartphones are now quite popular in Pakistan as well. It is also possible to check the details of other SIM owners in Pakistan.


The Tello Sim Tracker 2022 app allows you to check the SIM information of any mobile number. This app can be used to trace any phone number in Pakistan and other countries as well. You can trace any mobile number in Pakistan and other nations by entering the phone number and sending SMS to 667. This app is available for free and has a variety of categories. You can also trace a mobile number in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Lakshadweep, and Jharkhand.

The Tello Sim Tracker can also provide you with the city and region where the mobile user registered. The software can also provide you with full details of the cellular user’s identity and CNIC number. This app is free and can be used for any purpose. It works well with any cell phone network and is very effective in finding the identity of a cellular user. If you think you have been harmed by a cell phone user, this application will be a boon.

Mobile Number Tracker

The use of Mobile Number Tracker 2022 Check Sim Information in Pakistan is possible in several ways. The tool is available online and can give you the details of the person using the number. It uses the data of Pak SIM to track the owner of a particular number. If you want to trace the owner of a particular number, you can use the online tool of 668 SIM Information System. This software also allows you to search for the owner of any mobile number with the help of Google Maps.

It is an easy-to-use tool. You simply enter the CNIC (Common Number Identification Card) of the person to track and you will get the details of the owner. There are several mobile phone trackers available in Pakistan, but Live Tracker is the best one. This program can check the details of any mobile number. Besides, it is free. And, it works across Pakistan. Moreover, it works seamlessly with any mobile phone network.


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