Top 8 social media site in apps 2023

8 social media site in 2023

There are many social media sites that are used the most and it is impossible to live without these sites and you can spend your all day if you are free. These become habits and you have to see these sites that which one is on the top and people spend its time on these sites. They use to kill their free time on social media. The surveys are unbelievable as people share their point of view and they said that they cannot live without these sites. These are source of earning for people and they can be aware of world that what is going on around the world. There are surveys about these site that are used the most and make people crazy as they also share their thoughts on social media.


This is the social media site and a lot of people from around the world are connected with this. This is also source of earning and you can be connected with your family and friends through this site. You can upload your picture and videos on this platform and you can add people to your account and you can block people whom you do not want to add to your friend list. You can create pages and follow what they ask you to follow the rules for page and once you do that they will allow to run ads on the page and you earn money from it. You can create groups and add people where you can share your ideas.

You tube:

This is a very popular social media site and you can upload videos on this site and shorts option is also available on it. This is a very good platform for earning and you can earn money easily on this site and it is on second number and used by most people around the world. You have to create a channel and upload the videos that are made by you and upload it on your channel and it has chances to be watch by the people. It has chance to be popular as it is second in the world to be watch more by the people.


It is an app that let you connect with people through internet and you can call them audio video or send them voice note. They have received it and will answer shortly. This is also use by the people and most of them used to create groups and connect many people at once and they receive a message by one at once. This is the most popular site for connecting people and it is very cheap and it just MBs to be connected with other people around the world.

10 social media site in 2023


This is an app that is used most by the people and they upload their picture and short videos. They get followers and promote their product through this platform and it is also very popular among the people. It has a messenger to connect with your friends without any problem. You will see here mostly picture that are uploaded by the people and they want to be popular. Once they get popular people will see their photos and videos and they charge other to promote their product through instagram.

Facebook messenger:

This is connected with Facebook and people use to talk and send messages through this app. You can call a video audio call and can send them voice note or text message. It is very important and let the people to connect with each other no matter how far they are from each other. These site are use most by the world and they love to have this.

Tic Tok:

This is short video platform and is very famous around the world. People are crazy to use this and want to be famous around the world and they want that people should follow them and they must be known by the people. It allow you to upload videos from seconds to 3 minutes and upload them on this platforms. Once you are popular you will get money to promote people product and you can earn a lot from this platforms.


This is also a popular site and many people used it to talk to each other and know the rates of currency through this app. This is also an important one and mostly people used this one to talk to each other and you can send them voice note and call them audio.


This is a site where you can search about picture and it allow you to download picture for free. It has millions of picture and they are free to used. People mostly used this site in 2022. This is best one to share ideas and upload picture for free.


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