Top Freelancing Skills in Demand 2022

The most sought-after skills in the freelance industry are constantly changing, and this list from Upwork gives you a glimpse into what will remain in demand in the next few years. Listed below are the top 10 skills that are in demand now, and in 2022. For a closer look, check out Udemy’s free courses on web design, mobile app development, and customer service. These skills are all booming in today’s economy.

Upwork’s list

According to Upwork’s latest freelancing skills index, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript remain the most in-demand freelance skills. These three skills form the backbone of websites and are vital for an intuitive user experience. While the top two skills are still quite common and widely available, there is also a growing need for people with advanced web programming skills, such as video editing and image-processing.

Video editing is another popular skill, with an average income of more than $87K per year. Most management consultants charge around $60 per hour, but this can be challenging for beginners. Some categories of consulting are easier to learn than others, though, such as SEO consulting. By experimenting, you can build up experience in an area you’re not yet comfortable with. Video production is another skill in demand, with an increasing number of clients turning to YouTube and social networking platforms for their videos.

Udemy’s online web design courses

If you’re a digital marketer looking for a new job, consider taking one of Udemy’s online web design courses. These courses cover everything from CSS to Photoshop and even UX design. In other words, you’ll learn to create beautiful websites that engage users. In addition to developing beautiful visuals and interactions, web design also involves the development of good user experiences. It’s not enough to have a knack for design – you must also have some coding expertise.

Web Design for Beginners is a popular course on Udemy. It’s a self-paced, video-based course taught by a professional web developer. Lessons focus on building responsive websites, CSS, and HTML. The course also includes lessons on using GitHub Pages to launch a live website. The course includes 11 hours of video, 22 sections, and 51 downloadable resources.

Udemy’s courses for mobile app developers

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new career in software development, Udemy’s courses for mobile app development are an excellent choice. With mobile app development growing in demand, companies need new ways to reach a wider audience. These courses teach popular programming languages that help developers create the types of mobile apps they want. Learn how to develop apps for iOS, Android, and more!

The first course reviews the fundamentals of mobile app development and introduces students to creating their first iOS app. Learn how to create adaptive user interfaces, create labels and buttons, and fetch data from the internet. Swift, a modern programming language, is also covered in the course. In addition, you’ll be introduced to the various types of data storage and accessing internal resources.

Upwork’s list of freelancers’ most in-demand skills

Upwork, the world’s largest marketplace for independent talent, has released a list of the top 10 most in-demand skills for freelancers in 2022. These skills range from marketing to technology, and can lead to more lucrative freelance opportunities than ever before. The list includes a variety of job titles, including marketing manager, technical writer, and product manager. Choosing a career that involves these skills can help you find new clients and build a steady stream of passive income.

Shopify experts help their clients create online stores using Shopify software, and can help them reach the right audience with a streamlined shopping experience. This skill will fetch you $10 to $285 per hour. Graphic designers create concepts and visual elements for various industries. Ecommerce and direct-to-consumer companies frequently cite graphic designers as highly in-demand freelancers.

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