Udhaar Book : Digital Khata

Udhaar Book : Digital Khata

Are you living in Pakistan?  You are running a shop. People may take loan from you. You might have an old register and anything can happen to it. You may lose the it or it might be stolen. Shopkeeper must be very careful from such accident. You need to be digitalized and you need such thing. Whenever you want you can check it and it will send message to people that they are borrower of shopkeeper. It is because the app always remembers and it send them reminder.

This is the best solution for every businessman and it is recommended to them. They must install this app and use it. There are many apps but we have selected the best one and you must install it to check its benefits and feature. It has many features. We done a lot of research for such app. we select the app on the basis of its feature. It is the best one that’s why we recommend it to you. If you want to make digital kata you must install this app and enjoy it for free. It makes your work easier and faster. Whenever you want to bring someone kata you just need to search his name and detail will be in front of you.

Digital Khata is Pakistan number one khata book. People like it. They want it for their business. You can note down every day khata. It will help you a lot. You need to install this app. Udhaar book is a kind of book where you can manage a lot of things such as salary book, cash book , stock book and many more things. It is the only app that helps you growing your business. It will tell how you give to people and how you have to take from them. it is very secure. Your all data is back up and when you lose your mobile so you will get it back. You will never lose your data.

It has many features and some are. This shares data with the borrower. It create professional invoice. It creates their receipt. You do not need to use paper and it will be save all in your device.

  • It has 4.5 stars.
  • It has 32k reviews.
  • One million people downloaded this app.
  • This is digital easy khata.

Easy Khata app is easily available in play store. You can download the app from the link.


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