What Is The Difference Between SEO And Social Media Optimization?

The main difference between SEO and SMO isn’t necessarily an important one. But you may be thinking, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, what is it? SEO alone, is extremely effective at increasing your ranking on search engines. But it’s very difficult to include a little personality into your posts. SMO enables you to add some heart and personality to promotional posts, whether related to your business or not.


The main difference between SEO and SMO lies in their focus – off-site optimization and on-site optimization. While SEO focuses mainly on the content of the page to be ranked higher, SMO seeks to make your content as personalized as possible. With SMO, even if your keyword was used a hundred times on the page, your post will still have a much more human appeal to readers. And this is why many business owners are now including social media in their SEO and SMO strategies.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a set of strategies that enable you and your business to create a positive image and engagement with your audience. This way, your audience will become familiar with you and your brand and your products and services will become familiar with your audience.  With this kind of marketing, SEO works very well. If done effectively, your page will be found by more people when searches are performed using these key phrases.

SEO and SMO work hand in hand because they work towards the same end – increasing the visibility of your page and your company to your audience. SEO is highly focused and targeted whereas SMO places social media in an overall context. SEO primarily focuses on keywords, while SMO helps you increase your page visibility through more social media tools.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your page for Google and other search engines can sometimes get in the way of your SEO and SMO efforts.  On the other hand, SMO works towards improving the visibility of your brand by building links and social media profiles in relevant and popular online communities. The idea here is to boost your traffic through the various networks that are found online.

SEO works towards improving the ranking of your pages in Google and other search engines by optimizing your content based on relevant keywords. However, SMO differs in that its main goal is to build up your profile in popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to help increase your page’s ranking.

By posting links to your business’s website through these networks, you are able to boost your visibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Social media optimization is different from SEO as it deals more with the rules and guidelines governing the use of keywords in a blog or personal page. Therefore, your SEO strategy should be different from your SMO strategy.

Main Difference

The biggest difference between SEO and SMO lies in the fact that SEO works towards improving the ranking of your keywords, whereas SMO works towards increasing your traffic through popular and relevant keywords. This difference in focus makes SEO slightly more challenging than SMO. SEO is primarily concerned with enhancing the ranking of specific keywords, while SMO works to boost your overall visibility.

While SEO works towards improving the rank of particular keywords, SMO works to boost traffic to your particular site. SEO works towards improving the position of your website in Google, while SMO works to boost your traffic. In short, SEO is concerned with providing search engine results for specific keywords, while SMO deals more with boosting traffic to a particular site.


There are several factors that influence the rankings of keywords and the number of times they appear on a webpage. Keyword research is one of the most important steps towards improving your search engine rankings. When you conduct proper keyword research, you will be able to determine the best keywords that target your target market. Your SEO consultant should be well versed in this process and can suggest the best keywords and link building strategies that will help you improve your search ranking.


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